Genius Shoe Hacks for Happy and Healthy Feet [Infographic]

We all wear shoes. In fact, they’re an essential wear that says a lot about you. They are an important part of our lives and often, we enjoy wearing them due to the amount of comfort they offer us. Now, although shoes do provide us with a sense of class and luxury, there are some unavoidable circumstances or barriers that “crash the party” to prevent us from enjoying our shoes to the fullest.

Most people will only think to abandon their best shoes to buy new ones in the case of discovering any form of discomfort in their feet. However, with the discovery of new tips and tricks, you don’t need to abandon that classy, expensive, or luxurious shoe, as there are multiple ways of solving the problem without having to spend an extra coin on new shoes. With that being said, this post will highlight some of the most helpful and super frugal shoe hacks that will keep you comfortable when wearing your best footwear.

Genius Shoe Hacks for Happy and Healthy Feet

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Simple Shoe Hacks for Comfort

The most important thing about any footwear option is the amount of comfort offered. When shopping for your best footwear, the thing you need to think about—aside from the budget—is the comfort. Searching for the best footwear can really make your brain bleed, therefore this section will provide you with some budget hacks that will increase your comfort levels the next time you shop for your best footwear.

Did you know that the time you spend shopping for your shoes can have a great impact on the fit? Well, listen: the best time for shopping for a quality pair of shoes is at night. At night, your feet are mostly swollen, and are half-a-size bigger than during the morning hours. Through shopping in the evening, you actually end up with a comfortable pair of shoes that fits perfectly well.

Have you ever had your foot slip out of your shoes? Have you ever tripped in public because your heel won't stay in place? Consider spraying your feet with hairspray to make them sticky, hence—hold on tightly to your shoes. This simple hack is mostly compared to how glue sticks on paper.

If your shoes feel a bit loose, there is a way of tightening them to make them more comfortable. To do this, simply place a panty liner on the inside to make them tighter. This simple hack is also useful to those people with sweaty feet, as the panty liner will absorb sweat to keep you comfortable.

Have you ever gone out for a walk, then suddenly the weather turns around, only to rain heavily? Well, I bet you didn’t like walking home with wet feet, right? Now, to counter this, simply waterproof your canvas shoes with candle wax or beeswax to keep them dry and comfortable on the inside.

If you suffer from blisters caused by frequent friction between your feet and shoes, there is an easy way of tackling such a problem. Apply gel deodorant or wrap a bandage around your feet to reduce the friction and prevent blisters.

Finally, those women who enjoy wearing heels will have something to smile about. If you fear wearing heels due to their slippery insoles, consider taping the third and fourth toes together to avoid exerting too much pressure on the balls of your feet. This simple hack offers the best way of wearing your expensive high heels without feeling uncomfortable.

Shoe Freshness Hacks

Are you embarrassed by your stinky shoes? Do you feel flustered when removing your shoes in front of your friends? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to worry anymore, as this section will give you some of the simplest tips and tricks that will maintain freshness in your shoes to avoid any humiliation.

One way of eliminating nuisance odors is through adding a few drops of essential oil, such as lavender, to the inside of your shoes. The reason why lavender oil is the best is due to its powerful deodorizer as well as its microbial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Adding a few drops of essential oil(s) (in this case, lavender oil) to your shoes will help eliminate bad odors and restore freshness to your new sneakers.

If your sneakers are smelly, you don’t have to pass on them for a new pair of shoes, especially if the problem is just the smell. To give them a new life, all you have to do is sprinkle a few scoops of baby powder into the shoes and leave them overnight. When left till morning, baby powder will absorb any smell, leaving your shoes smelling fresh and nice.

Another simple way of eliminating bad odors from your shoes is through placing them inside the freezer. This sure-fire way of getting rid of bad odors involves putting your shoes inside a plastic bag, then into the freezer for about two-to-three days. This method exposes bad odor-causing bacteria to low temperatures, thus killing them with ease.

Finally, if your shoes are too stinky, you can consider putting some dry tea bags inside of them, letting them stay overnight. This budget hack is one of the simplest and most affordable, as you only need to pick up some tea bags from the kitchen or grocery store, and place them inside your shoes immediately when you get home.

Lace for Comfort

Although this might be a minor issue, lacing your shoes perfectly does make a difference in the overall comfort of your feet. Different types of feet require a different type of lacing to keep comfortable when walking or running for long distances. To ensure that your feet are relieved from fatigue and nagging pain, this section will highlight some lacing tricks that will offer you the necessary comfort when wearing your best shoes.

High arches

Different lacing techniques work well depending on your specific foot arch. In this case, the high arch lacing technique is the best option for runners or athletes with underpronation. This condition, which occurs when your foot rolls outward, can result in knee or back pain if not controlled at an early stage. Therefore, the best lacing technique for high arches involves lacing the lower areas nearest to the ankle in a crisscross manner, before threading the midsection through the sides. In the upper section, tie up the laces normally in a crisscross manner.

Wide forefoot

Do you experience high pressure at the forefoot when walking or running? There’s nothing to worry about now, as this lace hack will solve your problem. Begin by lacing the shoe on the sides up to the midsection. From the midfoot onward, start lacing the shoe in a normal crisscross manner up to the last hole.

Shoes feel too tight

Sometimes when wearing your sneakers or sports shoes, you might feel like the shoes are too tight at the top. To eliminate such discomforts, simply tie the laces in a parallel fashion throughout the shoe from the lower end to the upper part of the shoe. This lacing technique is also referred to as Lydiard or parallel lacing.

Heel slipping

Keeping your ankles comfortable is highly critical when walking or running. For this reason, the heel slipping technique has been introduced to offer more support to your ankles, as well as to keep your feet in place while in motion. This technique involves tying up the laces normally up to the last two holes. From that point on, go straight up to the last hole, then thread the laces through the last holes before tying them normally.

Simple Shoe Cleaning Hacks

We all expect our shoes to wear out over time, but we can’t afford to let them get dirty. Aside from clothes, shoes are the main victims of regular scratches, spills, and scrapes. While some people may consider washing their shoes to remove dirt and spills, there are lots of other simple hacks you can consider to ensure that your shoes stay clean without spending too much of your time and money.

Do you have a pair of vinyl shoes and you’re wondering how you’re going to clean them? Well, you may consider using a pencil eraser. To do this, simply run the eraser over the scuffed areas. Rub gently back and forth until all the spots of dirt are eliminated.

Some people may call it a myth, but this shoe cleaning hack works really well, especially for leather, vinyl, and other shiny shoes. To do this, simply peel a banana, and use the inner lining of the banana peel to clean your shoes gently.

If you have a pair of sneakers that look particularly worse for wear, there’s a way of restoring their whiteness without having to throw them away or buy new ones. One simple way of doing this is through applying normal toothpaste (not the gel type) on areas with scuffs and marks. Using a new or old toothbrush, scrub gently on the spots, then leave the shoes for a few minutes before wiping them with a damp cloth.

Patent leather heels or flats are mostly shiny and require regular maintenance to keep them that way. One simple technique of cleaning such shoes while still keeping them shiny is through using glass cleaner (although petroleum jelly can be used as a substitute). Simply sprinkle some glass cleaner on a cotton swab, then rub gently on the surface of your patent leather shoe.

Budget Shoe Repair Hacks

You don’t need to discard your shoes simply because they’re torn. Instead of taking them to a cobbler, you can simply save your money by troubleshooting them right at the comfort of your home. To do this, let’s highlight some basic shoe hacks you can consider.

Having squeaky sneakers or sandals can cause a nuisance for you and people around you. Now, one way of fixing this problem is through spraying a lubricant (in this case WD-40) under the insole. To do this, simply remove the insole, spray the affected area, then restore the insole back to the sneaker.

Leather shoes can easily get scratched or scuffed depending on the nature of your job. Instead of parting ways with them, you can give them a little more life by nourishing them using olive oil. Recognized as a natural moisturizer, olive oil penetrates into the leather fabric to cover the scratches, thus leaving your shoes smooth and free from any scuffs.

It’s frustrating to keep putting back the toe-post of your flip-flops simply because they’re loose, right? One way of getting rid of such a problem is by slipping a bread clip on the base of the affected flip-flop. This budget hack is among one of the simplest ways of repairing your flip flops without having to visit a cobbler.

Smooth and slippery shoes can easily ruin a special occasion, especially if the floors are made of marble, tile, or hardwood. To ensure that you don’t slip and fall in the midst of your colleagues, consider gluing the sole of your shoe or heel using a hot glue gun. Wait for the glue to harden just a bit before wearing your shoes.

Budget Shoe Storage Hacks

Are there ladies in the house looking for cheaper ways of storing their shoes? Well, this section is reserved just for you.

For those people living in small or squeezed apartments, one way of saving extra space is through using old hangers to get your shoes off the floor. Certain shoes such as flip-flops, sandals, and wedges can easily be hung then covered with clothes to create more space on the floor.

You all love boots, and although they’re beautiful to wear, the main problem comes when we think of storage. Now, to keep your best pair of boots in tip-top shape, you may decide to use either wine bottles or pool noodles instead of considering other, more expensive options. To do this, simply insert the wine bottle or the pool noodle on either boot before storing them away in a safe place.

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