Best Shoes for Bunions 2017: Top 10 Choices for Men & Women

Best Shoes for Bunions

Do you suffer from bunions? Well, don’t worry – all you need is to get the best shoes for bunions and your life will get better. Those large bony bumps that form on the inside of your feet, right at the joint of the big toe, can be really painful. Although genetics play a role, these bumps are mostly caused by your shoe choices.

The bad news is that if you continue wearing the wrong shoes, the condition will not get any better; the projections will grow bigger and probably more painful.

But there’s some good news for you. Proper shoe choices will solve the problem and make your walking more comfortable and pain-free. And that’s what you want, right?

What we are trying to say is that when you have bunion feet, your shoe choices needs to change. Narrow-toed or tight shoes will make the condition worse by squeezing against the bumps.

You will want to go with the good bunions shoes that offer utmost and enough room to accommodate your toes without limiting their movement.

Quick Comparison Chart

To help you get the most comfortable shoes for bunions, we have introduced a quick comparison chart so that you can quickly browse through some great pairs to solve your problem. We also have helpful information about bunions, including its causes, symptoms and preventative measures.

If you are in hungry to get a good pair of bunion shoes and want to learn all the features the shoes incorporate, this long post gives you just that. We have prepared a detailed review of 10 best bunion shoes, including their pros and cons to help you choose the right one. You just can’t go wrong!

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What are Bunions?

Medically known as hallux valgus, a bunion is a deformity associated with the base joint of your big toe. When you have a bunion, you will notice that your big toe tends to lean a bit towards other toes. In some cases, the big toe gets bent at a sharper angle though in some people it might not be noticeable at all.

Bunions are not a health risk but if left unchecked or when you choose to wear the wrong shoes, pain can kick in, making you feel very uncomfortable. Do not forget that most of your body weight puts pressure on the joint when you walk.


A bunion may appear in different forms. Generally, it takes the shape of a big bump at the base of your big toe. This bump can swell, become tender to the touch, turn red or even become warm and shiny. Some of the symptoms you might expect to experience include:

  • A bulging bump that presents on the edge of your big toe
  • Restricted movement
  • Hard and red callused on the skin
  • Difficulty to fit in your shoes as the foot shape and size changes
  • In severe cases the big toe might overlap the second toe
  • Pain sensation while walking

Although bunions are common to anyone, they have a tendency of appearing more on women than on men because of women’s shoe styles. They may also occur as a result of inherited genes. It is a good idea to pay a visit to your doctor to know the grade of your bunion deformity and get appropriate advice on how to control it.

Deformity Grading

Bunions are classified in three different stages, depending on their severity and degree of progression. It’s good that you understand the grading since it affects the size of shoe you are going to get. Here are the stages:

Mild bunions

During this stage, the bump on the big toe is just forming, positioning 20 degrees or less. You might not have any symptoms at this phase because the bump is small, sometimes even unnoticeable.


This is the second degree of bunions, where the positioning of the bump goes between 20 degrees and 30 degrees. If you are in this phase, you might experience occasional pain and you shoes will begin to feel like very tight.


This stage is categorized as 3rd degree and 4th degree. In the 3rd degree, the bump positions between 30 degrees to 50 degrees, causing regular pain. It is very visible and your feet need roomy shoes to avoid the excruciating pain. The 4th degree is the most severe form a person would suffer. In this stage, the positioning of the toe bump positions over 50 degrees and tends to be very painful, even when you are handling your daily activities.

Causes & Prevention

Mechanical instability at the joint of the big toe is thought to be one of the major causes of bunions. Health experts have also not ruled out genetic inheritance. According to studies conducted, there’s also a high tendency of its occurrence in related family members with a history of bunions. Apart from these factors, there are also a couple of risk factors that have been linked to bunions. They include:

  • Ligament disorders and certain conditions related to arthritis
  • Having flat feet that roll inward
  • Trauma or injury to the foot
  • Wearing high healed or narrow shows that don’t fit well
  • Advanced age
  • Feet affected by nerve conditions

Preventing bunions is very easy. As long as you prevent excessive pronation (too much rolling inward of your foot) you are safe. And do you know what this means? Simple – just wearing roomy. If you are suspecting that the bunions are starting to kick in, go ahead and shop for the best shoes for bunions. They are made with wide, deep toe boxes, good arch support and flat or low heels.

As a general rule of thumb, avoid high-heeled, narrow, or tight shoes. The less the pressure on your big toes the better.

Benefits of Wearing the Bunion Shoes

Although surgery is one of the best treatment procedures for bunions, it might be a bit out of reach for some individuals. Fortunately, a simple visit to a podiatrist can help you understand some of the non-surgical ways through which you can help treat your bunions.

Among the recommendations that you are likely to get from a podiatrist is that of wearing good shoes for bunion sufferers. You might also need to purchase special orthotic devices and shoe inserts depending on your bunion deformity degree.

Here are the benefits of bunion shoes:


Just as mentioned earlier, these shoes are made with certain features to allow you to walk comfortably. They incorporated good cushioning that prevents your toes from rubbing against the shoe walls, something that may lead to scars.

Reduce Pain

Ask anyone with bunions and they will tell you how painful it is to walk on regular shoes. The problem here is the pressure that’s applied on the toes, leading to excruciating pain. Good shoes for hallux valgus come with a supportive in-sole that helps alleviate pain, guaranteeing the best arch support. There are some sneakers that come with pads that reduce pressure exerted on the joints of your feet.

Arch Support

That’s right. Some bunion shoes come with orthotic insoles made with anatomical arch support, allowing you to position your foot properly. This helps reduce the bulging effect associated with bunions.


Facilitating foot motion is an important factor when it comes to special shoes for bunions, and this cannot be possible if the shoes are bulky. Companies know this is an important factor, and have therefore made their pairs extremely lightweight, some even featuring Ergonomic-Strife design that softens step, helping alleviate most of the stress on the joints. However, you will find that some shoes are lighter and deeper than others.


There’s this misconception that shoes for people suffering from this condition are bulky and come in a wired design. Well that’s not true. Whether you are style conscious or looking for something that will complement your attire you can get a great pair. There are numerous fashionable shoes for bunions to make you stand out. If you prefer to wear heels, you can get yourself a comfortable pair and enjoy custom in-sole that help slow down the problem.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Shoes for Bunions?

The Heel

If you are looking for comfortable high heels for bunions, be careful not to exert a lot of pressure on your bunions. Keep them short at about an inch long. Given the fact that your feet withstand your body weight, wearing high heels can increase pressure on your feet, advancing the growth of your bunions. If you have to wear heels, make sure they are sturdy and specifically made for people with bunions. They must have a snugly feel so that your feet stay rooted to the ground.

The Toe Box

Think of it this way: the best way to get rid of bunions and prevent them from progressing is to relieve them of any pressure. Your shoes must have enough room in the toe box so that your feet can maneuver naturally. And yes, you will find some with comfortable padding, especially for sneakers, to make this a reality.


Whenever your bunions start to swell especially during the push off phase, the best only thing you need are shoes that will allow your feet to breathe. We are talking about ample ventilation. Your sores get to heal faster and the painful feeling fades away quicker when you make a habit of wearing breathable shoes.

Extra Padding/Cushioning

If you have a severe case of bunions or wear your shoes for long hours, you just can’t get any shoes for bunions out there, no! Get a pair with extra padding or cushioning for utmost comfort. While most sneakers and casual shoes will include this feature, it might not necessarily be present in slippers or the slip-on types.

Review of 10 Best Bunion Shoes

The ASICS GEL-Tech Neo 4 is inspired by a happy and healthy lifestyle. It is made by a brand that has been in the industry for long enough to understand what comfortable shoes for bunion sufferers entails.

One of the most unique feature about these shoes is their snugly fit that gives your feet a great feel. They are designed with a supportive collar that works to give comfort to your feet and ample toe room for utmost maneuverability. The best part however is the fact that they are built with a breathable mesh making them the best walking shoes for bunions. And yes, they are available for both men and women.

Best shoes for flat feet and bunions


  • Comfortable thanks to its supportive collar
  • Sturdy rubber sole
  • Easy to walk with as they are lightweight
  • Fabric upper mesh for breathability


  • The mesh fabric makes them unable to withstand the winter cold. However if you are not planning to use them for winter, they still count as a good pick.

The ASICS GEL-Tech Neo 4 provides great comfort without compromising on style. The fact that you can pick between black and white colors is convenient for blending with any style you like. The only downside is that they cannot bear the winter cold, but if you could have separate shoes for winter, then you will be glad to have this pair.

New balance is known for coming up with shoes that help athletes achieve more. Being an industry pioneer with over a century of experience, there’s no doubt quality is guaranteed.

The New Balance 857 are made to fit and provide full comfort for bunions. They feature a seamless Phantom liner that complements the mesh with a leather finish. When it comes to stability, these shoes come with a lateral TPU support to prevent over pronation. Better yet, they incorporate shock absorbing technology, giving you a comfortable, balanced feel when walking.

Best shoes for bunions and flat feet


  • Comfortable design
  • Durable leather finish for longevity
  • Stable rubber soles
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • This pair is lightly narrower for those with really big toes.

The New Balance shoes feature a couple of benefits that anyone with bunions would love. They provide the required stability when walking, a feature that makes them one of the best workout shoes for bunions. However, there are a couple of issues with the size as it’s not wide enough to give a true fit. Just to be on the safe side, check out some of the available sizes to get what works for you.

If you are looking for lightweight shoes that are flexible with the right shock absorption feature, you will love what Vionic has to offer.

The Vionic with Orthaheel Tide II are one of the best flip flops for bunions as provide amazing comfort to your feet to their cushioned insole. They feature leather trims that have an updated trade pattern making them a great pair for fashion enthusiasts. Better yet, they are easy to wear and extremely lightweight.

Good shoes for bunions


  • Designed to offer comfort and less stress on your feet
  • Lightweight build to ease unnecessary pressure on your feet
  • Extremely room making them east to put on
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from


  • Honestly, the synthetic material might not last for long, especially with daily use.

Even by the mere look of it, there’s no doubt that these sandals are comfortable on your feet and provide an array of cute colors to go for. You can enjoy walking in these bunion shoes all day thanks to their design that focuses on reducing stress and pressure on your feet, knees and ankles.

Alegria is known for quality shoes and outstanding design. If you are after a quality pair that will go well with your bunion feet, you will love what the brand has to offer.

One of its best rated comfortable shoes for bunions is the Alegria Colette Sandal. Apart from its eye-catching design and utility, the saddle also provides a slip resistant out sole that is sturdy to give you a firm grip. You will have absolutely no problem waking on any surface. Thanks to the Euro true fit feature, you don’t have to worry about exerting pressure on your toes; the technology relieves the stress, keeping your feet comfortable and pain-free. These sandals are also available in different colors, allowing you to blend them with multiple outfits for a truly stunning look.

best shoes for feet with bunions


  • Leather make for durability and longevity
  • Memory foam in-sole for utmost comfort
  • The outsole is made of polyurethane that is slip resistant, allowing you to walk on a variety of surfaces


  • A bit expensive perhaps because of the quality leather make

The Alegria Colettte sandals might cost a pretty penny, but they are worth it. If you don’t mind the price, they can be a good addition to your unique style. These are the kind of sandals that you take with you anywhere since they are comfortable on your feet and come in a stylish design.

Vionic has certainly lived to its promise when it comes to quality. This is evident in its Vionc Relax Slipper.

For those that love a little pampering on their feet while keeping it indoors, these are the best slippers for bunions. They are made with an easy-to-slide design, allowing you to wear them without problems. The convenience of comfort is something else thanks to the upper polyester plush finish. They provide a true fit courtesy of the adjustable loop and hook closure design. The midsoles are made of flexible, shocks absorbing material that works well to relive pressure from bunions.

best shoes after bunion surgery


  • Designed to allows you to easily control pressure on bunions
  • Built with orthotic foot bed that realigns the shape of your feet to help get rid of bunions
  • Pampers your feet for the ultimate comfort


  • This pair is made for in-house use only. They would not last long if used outdoors.

The Vionic Relax Slippers are ideal for anyone having feet pains and would need a pair of shoe that helps relieve pressure from their feet. When getting these slippers however, you have to be a little careful when ordering your sizes. Even though they are designed for indoor use, you can still use them when doing menial errands around the house such as picking the mail or walking around the lawn.

Boasting years in the shoes industry, Prophet has got what it takes to make bunion shoes for women. The Propet Olivia Slip-on is a perfect example of what this brand has in store for you.

If you are out looking for a pair that will give you comfort while walking to work and back home, this is certainly your go-to-choice. The vamps on these shoes are stretchable giving your feet more room to maneuver. They feature with a leather upper, guaranteeing you years of service.

Worrying about how it fits? Well, the adjustable straps make these shoes an easy fit so that you get a snugly painless fitting size that is right for your feet. With a removable in-sole, these shoes provide you with options that you can use to accommodate most, if not all, custom made orthotics.

To make it even better, the ultra-comfy design enables these shoes to give your feet a therapeutic experience reliving you from any pain. These are the kinds of shoes that can serve multiple purposes.

best shoes after bunion surgery


  • Roomy toe box for more comfort
  • Stretchable upper part to accommodate swelling and bunions
  • Leather upper part for quality and durability
  • Removable insole to fit those with custom made orthotics


  • This pair is not breathable and the insole might be a bit slippery for some users

Although the Propet Olivia slip is not breathable, anyone who has used them can attest to their unmatched quality and functionality. They are comfortable and come with a stretchable upper that helps you get rid of the pain on your feet. Plus they are designed to blend well with any style given that they are available in a variety of colors.

From flat shoes to boots to stylish bunion boots, Arcopedico has got you covered with amazingly quality pairs.

The Arcopedico 4111 offers style that makes them usable on a daily basis, whether you want to wear them to work or casually put them on while indoors. With a Lytech upper, the comfort level that you experience with this pair is amazing to say the least. The leather-like finish makes these shoes meaning that you will only need a simple polish to get them back in shape. The outsoles on these shoes are made with a lightweight design that will easily qualify them as your daily go-to-shoes.

best soft leather shoes for bunions


  • Made from quality leather upper for longevity
  • The in-soles are cushioned anatomically for utmost comfort
  • Lightweight design to make them wearable for long hours without fatigue


  • Sadly, you only have two color options to choose from.

The Arcopedico 4111 might be available in just bronze and black, but they are designed to meet your daily walking needs while providing the ultimate comfort to your feet. The innersole cushioning design makes them a must have for people affected by bunions since they provide a true painless fit. You can easily walk in these for hours without getting tired since they are made to be lightweight. There’s no doubt why this pair makes is ranked as one of the best flats for bunions.

Orthofeet does one thing and does it best – it makes quality therapeutic shoes for people with feet problems such as bunion feet and arthritis.

If you are in the market for some of the best dress shoes for bunions then you might want to check out the Orthofeet Gramercy. The pair offers unmatched anatomical arch support that keeps feet protected against pressure points. Each pair is made to enhance your stability while you walk thanks to the soft cushioning sole.

With a deep toe box design your feet will get to relax and spread out well for a natural motion. These shoes are designed to reduce pain caused by biomechanically induced bunions and other foot conditions. Get yourself a pair and you will be a step closer to pain-free feet.

best shoes for bunions and wide feet


  • Durable leather build to serve you for years
  • Lightweight sole to help with easy foot motion
  • Designed to solve pain caused by bunions and other foot conditions
  • Stylish design that makes it perfect for everyday use
  • A soft interior lining for utmost comfort
  • Extra depth design to accommodate bunion feet


  • This pair is only available in two colors.
  • It is not breathable, making the insole a little slippery when you wear the shoes for long.

The Orthofeet Gramercy allows you to hit two birds with one stone. They are roomy to accommodate bunion feet, and stylish, allowing you to wear them to the office pain-free. Better yet this, pair sports a durable leather finish and a soft interior lining, making it perfect for men suffering from bunions.

Orthofeet is a brand that offers comfortable shoe designs for both men and women. The Orthofeet Chelsea is a loafer designed for women that suffer from bunions. They offer the same anatomical support that you get from the best shoe brands for bunions.

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that offers a relaxed fit that is non-binding, then you have to go for this pair. They give you full protection against pressure that is a common nuisance for anyone with bunion feet. With a roomy toe box, your feet get to relax and feel naturally comfortable. These shoes are designed biomechanically to provide therapeutic healing that is expected. You get to experience full pain relief from all sorts of foot pain issues.

best dress shoes for women with bunions


  • Designed to be both stylish and comfortable
  • Air cushioning with a lightweight sole for quality foot motion and stability
  • Features a wide toe room to relive pressure
  • Easy return policy for shoes that don’t fit or perform as expected


  • Honestly, the heel area is a little too wide and might be uncomfortable for some uses.

Although these shoes might have a little too wide heal area, most women say they serve the purpose of providing plenty of toe room for bunion feet. They are stylish and comfortable, making them a must have for any woman looking to relieve pain and pressure from their feet and still look outstanding.

By featuring thrice in this list, it’s evident that Orthofeet is one of the few brands that dominate therapeutic footwear space.

The Orthofeet 851 offers remarkable anatomical arch support that leaves your feet feeling relaxed all day long. The in-soles are well cushioned with a soft ergonomic stability enhancing material to guarantee maximum comfort. If you are worried about style, worry no more because this pair will make you stand out. The stylish design will make you want to wear them every day.

best dress shoes for bunion feet


  • Built for a natural foot motion
  • Comfortable design that eliminates pain for feet affected by bullions
  • Adjustable straps for a truly snug fit
  • Removable spacers that allow for easy customization
  • Ample toe room that is recommended for people with bunions and diabetes


  • This pair might be a little bulky for some users. It’s a bit heavy compared to our other picks.

The Orthofeet 851 makes walking a breeze thanks to their quality make. You can wear these shoes for any occasion and still look stylish while still enjoying a good level of comfort. They are biomechanically designed, making them some of the most comfortable shoes for women with bunions. People suffering from diabetes or those that just love extra wide shoes will also love this pair.


Ask someone with bunions the excruciating pain they have when wearing tight shoes and they probably won’t even want to talk about it. Bunions can be painful when they are subjected to pressure when you wear extra tight shoes. The longer you wear them, the more the pain. But if you are going through this agonizing moment, do not worry because there’s a solution for you. As you can see from our guideline, we have a couple of great shoes for bunions that you can get today and enjoy pain-free walking.

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