The Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints in 2017 – Top 7 Choices

Feel No More Pain with the Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints

Running is one of the best activities we can do in order to maintain our bodies in great physical appearances and health. However, running can have many different side effects, from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, metatarsalgia, and one of the hardest and most difficult to avoid; shin splints.

But as every other syndrome, the best running shoes for shin splints can help us immensely not only to avoid them but to relieve the pain and the effects of this syndrome that harms the tibia and the shin bone. It mainly happens due to over pronation and lack of stability in the shoes we use to run, but can be easily avoided if we know how to treat it.

By using the best running shoes for shin pain you will be able to have the stability you desire and require to avoid this syndrome. Make sure you take a look at the following list of the top 7 running shoes for shin splints and make sure it doesn’t make you stay away from running.

Best Shoes for Running with Shin Splints

How Using the Proper Shoes Will Help You Prevent Shin Splints

Proper Shoes Will Help You Prevent Shin Splints

Shoes are the immensely necessary accessory we need to put in our feet in order to give us the perfect stability and support in order to avoid any kind of problems, especially feet getting too harmed from walking or running too much. But not only do they give us support and stability, there are also shoes that can help us prevent very specific syndromes like shin splints.

Shin splints, are mainly shins and tibia bones harmed by overpronation or bad stepping when walking or running. It can happen to everyone. However, the right shoes for this syndrome may help immensely in avoiding the overpronation and bad stability that helps this syndrome to start.

By using the right shoes you are immediately decreasing the pressure and the bad movements on your feet that harm your tibia and shin bones. This will help you prevent and eventually treat your shin splints, and if it weren’t enough, you will still be able to run when using the right shoes, as they can also relieve the pain a lot.

So, the recommended running shoes for shin splints are the ones that offer the right support, stability, and flexibility at the same time in order to maintain the feet in the right position and comfortable enough to avoid too much pressure on the shin bones.

What Type of Shoes to Avoid

Shoes to avoid

If you want to relieve and eventually treat your shin splints, there are certain kinds of shoes that won’t help you at all. You need to make sure that you avoid these shoes at all times if you really want to cure this syndrome or you will be suffering it for a long time or even permanently.

Even though almost all running shoes are made to support and obtain the right stability when running, not all shoes will help you do it in order to avoid shin splints, and some will even increase the likelihood of suffering from it. These shoes are the ones with bad talon and mid-feet support, plus an almost inexistent secured toe box.

Overall, the shoes that don’t offer enough support to the feet when they strike the floor are the ones you should avoid. As they will make your tibia and shin bone be more affected each time you run and step hard on the floor, making this part of your legs get stiff and eventually cause shin splints.

What to Look for When Choosing Shin Splint Running Shoes?

If you want to know what are the best running shoes for shin splints, you need to look for three things that are of most importance: Arch Support, Toe Box, Heel support, Proper Cushioning, and Ankle Support.

Arch Support

When looking for running shoes to prevent shin splints you need to also know what kind of arch you have in your feet and choose accordingly. Make sure that the mid part of your feet feels comfortable and supported enough in order to avoid any further harm on your shins.

Toe Box

Even when you think this part doesn’t have anything to do with your shins, it actually does. Normally when we step we use our toes to give us impulse forward, and when our toes are not correctly supported with the right shoe stiffness and enough comfortability, it harms our shins.

Proper Cushioning

This is essential in almost any kind of shoe for running. If the shoe doesn’t offer the right cushioning depending on our feet structure, it is more likely that we will eventually suffer any of those annoying syndromes from running. The proper cushioning don’t only adds support to our feet but eventually help us to avoid the pressure on the other parts like the ankle and the shins.

Ankle Support

This is totally essential when it comes to shin splints. Having the right ankle support will help you avoid bad movements on your shins too. However, most running shoes don’t offer that much of ankle support, so it all comes down the heel support.

Heel Support

This mainly consists of the proper cushioning and structure of the shoe in the heel zone. With the proper cushioning and the proper stiffness and comfortability, you can gain both stability and enough support to avoid ankle problems and shins problems too.

Top 7 Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints Reviews

Now that you know what you need to avoid and what you need to consider when looking for the best running shoes for shin splints prevention, we are now going to offer you a list of the best 7 running shoes with enough detail to help you choose the one that better fits with you:

This is the most popular shoes among shin splints sufferers due to its wonderful relieving and supporting features for feet. They are very lightweight, cushioned enough to give comfortability and also offer a great stability and support for almost all the important parts of the feet. It has a perfect structure and is actually the best running shoe for shin splints available on the market.

best running shoes for women with shin splints


  • Best Cushioning on the Market
  • Best Stability Available on the Market
  • Lightweight and Good Structure Overall


  • Materials Quality is not the Best
  • Toe Box can Feel A Little Small

This is simple the favorite among shin splints footwear users due to the wonderful cushioning and perfect support it offers in the entire foot. Not only it helps to maintain the feet at an optimum running form but offers enough support to do it for hours without feeling a thing. It will not only prevent the appearance of shin splints but eventually relieve them and even help them cure. Wonderful shoe overall.

This is the highest end model running shoe from Brooks. This wonderful shoe offers the perfect shock absorption, enough flexibility and a great arch support not many running shoes offer. This is the best running shoe to help shin splints get cured, making the feet act in a form that relieves the shins of any kind of pressure or impact from bad stepping. On the other hand, it offers a great ankle collar for more ankle support in order to avoid bad movements.

Brooks Glycerin 13 Running Shoe


  • Utterly Comfortable
  • Perfect Ankle Collar Support
  • Cushioned Soles are the best in the Market


  • Can Feel A Little Narrow for some Runners
  • It can Give signs of Wear Really Fast

These shoes will simply change the way you run. They will help you maintain the perfect posture and stability while running, making your feet happy with the best comfortability while also giving perfect support on your ankles. Most runners recommend these shoes for being the best in preventing shins splints and helping it get relieved. If you want efficient shoes, these are the ones you’re looking for.

The ASICS GEL-Nimbus 18 Running Shoes is one of the best running shoes to stop shin splints due to the wonderful GEL cushioning system that offers wonderful protection to the feet every time the feet make contact with the floor when running absorbing the impact and preventing further damage on the shins. It is wonderfully made with the best materials and is one of the most users among runners.

best asics running shoes for shin splints


  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Perfect Support for Impact Pressure
  • Master GEL Technology


  • Don’t Work for People with High Arches
  • Can Feel Heavy

These are simply the most comfortable and supportive shoes when it comes to reducing the impact from running. These shoes, thanks to the wonderful Gel technology they use, will help any user to avoid further impacts that harm the shins in any way. Also, they help to maintain the feet in the proper position at all times.

Mizuno Wave shoes are one of the heaviest but at the same time more comfortable shoes in this list. Even though they are heavy, they still feel very comfortable and light enough to run for hours. The offer the perfect cushioning and a wonderful stability that makes the the best running shoes to prevent shin splints due to the great way they maintain the feet in the right position.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 Running Shoe


  • Great Stability and Cushioning
  • Perfect Shock Attenuation and Mid-Feet Support
  • Works Perfect Against Pronation


  • Heavier than most Running Shoes
  • Can Also Feel Stiffer

If you are looking for shoes that will offer perfect stability, cushioning and a great support against over pronation, these shoes are the ones you’re looking for. Even though they can feel heavier than most running shoes, they are still one of the best running shoes to stop shin flints due to the great stability and shock attenuation these shoes offer. You won’t be disappointed with them.

When it comes to running shoes that will help you both prevent and stop shin splints from happening, the New Balance 890v3 are one of the best without a doubt. They are incredibly lightweight but still offering great stability while also having a thin sole but giving the perfect shock absorption and cushioning necessary to avoid any kind of damage on the shins. These are great shoes for shin splints overall.

best womens running shoes for shin splints


  • Very Lightweight but Supportive
  • Great Cushion Despite Having a Thin Sole
  • Perfect Heel Support


  • Not as Durable as Others
  • No Support for the Ankles

These shoes will be perfect for anyone who likes lightweight shoes that are supportive enough to make their running activities easier and more comfortable without increasing their likelihood to suffer from shin splints. If you are one of these persons, don’t hesitate in choosing these, as they will make running perfectly for you.

Saucony Guide 9 Shoes are rated as the best running shoes to prevent shin splints due to the wonderful stability, cushioning, durability, elasticity, and comfortability all at the same time while also making sure that your shin flints are hot harmed in any way. This makes them not only the best but one of the most used among runners who tend to suffer from this syndrome.

Saucony Guide 9 Running Shoe


  • High-Quality Materials and Durable
  • Perfect Stability and Cushioning
  • Wonderfully Elastic and Comfortable


  • Can be a Little Expensive

As said before, these shoes are just perfect for anyone who’s search of the best running shoes to cure shin splints. Not only offer every important feature to help cure this syndrome but also help to avoid it and relieve the pain and stiffness o the long run. In addition, they are made with the best materials and tend to be very durable, helping you avoid shin splints longer.

The Lunarglide 7 Running Shoes from Nike are the most lightweight and stabilized shoes you will find on the market. Thy offer a great style with a wonderful support for the whole feet including a perfect flexibility that not only helps to avoid shin splints but also increases the performance and quality of the running activities.

best nike running shoes for shin splints


  • Nike High-End Quality
  • Wonderful Cushioning and Support
  • Lightweight but Stable


  • Expensive

These shoes are simply the best running shoes for overpronation and shin splints at the same time. They offer the necessary support to hold your shins without any stiffness or pressure while also maintaining your feet at the perfect stability to avoid any kind of pronation. These shoes are simply wonderful and very comfortable altogether.

Tips to Relieve Shin Splints


Most medics and people who have suffered from shin splints will tell you that the first thing you need to do when feeling this stiffness and pain on your shins is to rest for some time before doing any more running in order to avoid further damage.


A bag of ice in the shins will also help to maintain your shins at a perfect state while also helping them relieve the pain.


Some people also recommend doing a little massage or using pizza rolls on the affected area very softly in order to relieve the pain and eventually cure the shin flints by little.


One of the best ways to relieve the pain of shin flints is by stretching the calves and the Achilles by using gym bands on your feet when sitting on the floor and pushing the band on your feet backward to make tension on the shins and relieve the pain.


When it comes to wrapping, you can use compression socks for shins splints that help the feet to be more stable and avoid any kind of bad movement that could affect the shins. Also, you can use a compression wrap who does the same or a shin splint brace that helps you relieve the pain but makes it harder to run.

What Shoes should you Buy Then?

Want to stop feeling that pain on your shins? Use the best running shoes for shin splints and make sure that every time you are running you feel just wonderful.

Your training and running are just as important as any other type of activity, so make sure nothing holds you back from doing it, not even shin splints.

So, go choose the perfect shoes for you depending on your necessities and desires and cure that pain. Keep running without any problems with the shin splints shoes perfect for you.

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