The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes in 2017 – Top 7 Choices

Top 7 best indoor soccer shoes reviews & buying guide 2017

You might have the best jersey and lots of energy to play indoor soccer, but if you don’t have the best shoes, you won’t be on the top of your game.

That’s right. The shoes are important gear to help you play comfortably on turf. They sport unique features that are not available in standard shoes, making them a must have for indoor soccer enthusiasts.

Here’s a quick comparison of 7 best indoor soccer shoes you can get today!

What is the Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Shoes?

difference between indoor and outdoor soccer shoes

You might wonder – just why do you need indoor soccer shoes? Why not just pick your outdoor soccer cleats and get into the pitch?

Well, it’s simple! Each of these shoes comes with distinct features to allow for utmost performance.

One of the visible differences is the outsole. The indoor type is more flat-surfaced and low cut, but quite hard than your traditional sneaker in order to provide good traction.

Outdoor soccer cleats, on the other hand, come with metal, plastic or hard rubber studs on the outsole, all of which sink in to provide a great grip.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Indoor Soccer Shoes?

Weight of the shoe

Soccer is all about fast motion with the ball so choosing lightweight shoes is a plus for any player. Over the years, the best indoor soccer cleats have gotten lighter and lighter thanks to the improvement in material and technology.

Get lightweight shoes that will improve your agility in the game for an outstanding performance.

Shoe soles

Obviously, indoor soccer is a little different from field soccer. It involves playing on an artificial turf in an indoor setting. By this fact, you will need to pay more attention when choosing the soles of your shoe.

They must feature a superior grip and traction that allows you to control the ball and dribble with ease.


Comfort is king if you are going to spend time playing indoor soccer. Make sure you pick shoes that are comfortable on your foot as well as being the right size.

If they have a snugly fit that still gives you enough toe room, you won’t worry about unnecessary injuries. Just don’t compromise on comfort!


Quality, pure leather material, though expensive, offers a natural feel and lasts much longer.

There is also synthetic leather material that is equally durable and great for water resistant shoes. Plus a mesh construct is ideal for breathability as much as they are cheaper and lighter. So make your choice considering your needs.


Indoor soccer shoes can cost a pretty penny. If your budget allows for a more expensive pair, do not hesitate to get it. If it doesn’t, just settle with a good pair with great features.

Provided you go with the best brand for indoor soccer shoe, you will have nothing to worry about. Make sure you go for shoes that fit into your budget while still offering value durability and comfort.

Review of 7 Best Shoes for Indoor Soccer

adidas Performance Samba Classic


  • Durable materials for everyday use
  • Full grain leather upper for a stylish finish
  • Quality insole for support when playing


  • Sadly, the shoe tongue is a bit long and might constantly rub on the ankle, but the fit is perfect.
  • You get to choose from only two color variations

Since way back, adidas has pioneered some of the best sportswear. It is a brand that has the needs of sports enthusiast at heart.

Most of their footwear features the highest quality standards, and that is why it’s a go-to brand for most sportsmen and women.

The adidas Performance Samba Classic is one of a kind shoe that most consumers identify with for its timeless design.

It has managed to capture the imaginations of various consumer generations thanks to its durability.

It has a soft leather vamp that aims to thrive even in frozen pitches, making it one of the most comfortable indoor soccer shoes.

Concerning design, the signature three stripes on this shoe, maintains that stylish look that adidas is known for. Plus the upper is made with contrasting suede overlays that are sleek and appealing.

Furthermore, this pair is made with a non-marking rubber outsole and lightweight insole to specifically satisfy the needs of indoor soccer players.

You can even wear these shoes for regular everyday use. You get good traction and comfort, some of the requirements for best indoor soccer shoes for traction.

Kelme Michelin Star 360 Shoes


  • Exceptional slip resistant soles for traction on the turf
  • Comfortable on feet for long hours thanks to the quality insole
  • Designed with quality touch for indoor soccer
  • Durable leather construct
  • Stylish design with color variety


  • The size runs larger than other shoes

Kelme is a known sportswear brand from Spain that made a bold move to partner with the famous Michelin tire company from France. The outcome was the creation of top rated indoor soccer shoes with exceptional traction and excellent designs.

If you are looking for the best indoor soccer shoes for men, the Kelme Michelin Star 360 makes a brilliant choice.

The grip on this shoe feels soft without losing its strong touch. It comes with a unique star design that helps you get full sole traction for good movement around the turf.

This shoe is made to give you a snugly fit thanks to the leather that is capable of stretching to fit your foot.

When it comes to durability, it features a pliable upper that is still durable even after extended use. Meanwhile, the cushioned insole is designed for comfort that lets you wear the pair for long hours without fatigue.

Diadora Capitano for ankle support


  • Quality leather material that stretches for comfort
  • Comes with an attractive design that is made for indoor soccer
  • Ample toe room for flexibility
  • Durable outsole that is made of rubber


  • Unfortunately, the rubber studs can start peeling/falling off with regular use

Since 1948, Diadora has been making some of the best soccer cleats there is. It is an Italian brand that boasts of being loyal to its consumers over the years. Most top athletes look up to its quality products to get full value and quality performance.

The Diadora Capitano brings the uniqueness of Italian craftsmanship to the table with its unique style. It features a quality foam insole made out of ethylene vinyl to give you comfort when wearing them.

Their superior fit must be the reason why professional athletes go for this pair since they are available in different sizes that can fit all kinds of feet. When it comes to comfort, you already know compromise is the last thing to do if you are an indoor soccer enthusiast.

Thanks to the quality Italian leather, you get a soft feel that stretches, allowing you to be on top of your game on the pitch.

If you are looking for cheap indoor soccer shoes do not hesitate to get these shoes. You can get a pair for your toddler, little kid, or big kids without spending a fortune.

Puma Invicto Sala shoes for wide feet


  • Strong, durable build for indoor soccer
  • Quality leather material for long lasting durability
  • Non-marking rubber sole for quality traction
  • Removable sock liner for improved comfort
  • Lightweight design for acceleration on indoor courts


  • Available sizes are slightly smaller for some users, but there is a variety to pick from

Puma is known for connecting people from all corners of the globe. How do they do this? Well they apply a proven system of manufacturing that gives them an edge in the industry of sportswear manufacturing.

As a global athletic brand Puma has managed to fuse sport, fashion, and lifestyle in a mission to deliver the unexpected.

The Puma Invicto Sala is one of the best puma indoor soccer shoes thanks to its unique innovation. The pair is designed to fit the style requirements of top performing athletes.

With a vamp that features a suede and leather combination, these shoes are durable and appealing, making them a must have for indoor soccer players. You get a rubber non-marking outsole that not only reinforces it but also adds up on the acceleration and traction on indoor courts.

The outsole also features a low profile design that gives excellent grip while still being lightweight. The sock liner is removable meaning that you get to enjoy additional comfort from the cushioning. To add up to the protection, you get a rubber toe enforcement that guarantees you excellent support.

Nike Elastico Pro shoes for flat feet


  • Quality built that is ideal for indoor surface
  • Rubber outsole for agility in indoor soccer games
  • Breathable mesh upper for quality performance
  • Comfortable and responsive sock liner


  • Sizes run a bit tight for some users, but there are a variety to pick from

If you are searching for a brand that is well known for a culture of creative and innovative products, Nike has to be among your top picks. It creates opportunities that athletes and sports enthusiasts use to get on top of their game.

The Nike Elastico Pro is a real demonstration of what the brand is capable of. It delivers high performance to expert players thanks to its ground-gripping traction.

With a design that is engineered to satisfy the standards of indoor arenas, these high top indoor soccer shoes allow you to get full control on the ball. They allow you to move quickly in multiple directions with ease. Isn’t that great?

Furthermore, it comes with an excellent comfort design that lets you play in them without the worry of pain or discomfort. The low-profile sock liner is made with responsive cushioning that takes comfort to a whole new level.

When it comes to breathability, these shoes are made with a mesh upper that does an excellent job at ventilating your feet while you move across the pitch. The leather finish is not just meant to give it an exceptional style but also adds to a snugly fit, making them some of the best Nike indoor soccer shoes.

adidas Performance Messi shoes


  • Designed for stability on in door turfs
  • Padded tongue for comfort
  • Durable synthetic quality
  • Non-marking out-sole for traction on the turf
  • Lightweight design for speed


  • A bit pricey but worth it

adidas prides itself on being a leading brand in the world of sportswear. It also has a reputation of making athletes achieve the impossible. No wonder they associate with the likes of Leo Messi, who is a legendary soccer player.

The adidas Performance Messi is a must have on the turf if you are planning to dominate the game. It offers precise grip that makes players quickly maneuver across the pitch, making the game look easy.

Thanks to the unique rubber outsole, you get full control during the game with precise touch on the ball. The tongue and collar are lightly padded for comfort that you only get from the best adidas indoor soccer shoes. Plus the mid-foot and the heel are modified with additional stability that is required for the game.

Nike Kids JR Mercurial Vapor shoes for high arches


  • Comfortable on kids feet with the cushioned sock liner
  • Offers better ball handling with its true fit design
  • Rubber sole for a sturdy touch on the ball
  • Designed for kids with its lace-up make
  • Different color designs for variety


  • Run a bit narrow for some users

Although we already have a Nike indoor soccer shoe featured, we thought it would be an excellent idea to give you another quality Nike product that is specifically designed for kids with a passion for indoor soccer. This way your little one can accompany you as you have fun together.

Apart from the fact that the Nike Kids JR Mercurial Vapor is available in stylish designs and colors that kids find interesting, it still maintains the quality performance that you get from adult shoes.

It is the kind of shoe that you ought to get for your young athlete thanks to its lace-up closure for ease of use while on the pitch.

Your kid will thank you for these rubber sole shoes as they allow for agility and speed that will make him or her stand out in the game.

When it comes to the material, these shoes feature a synthetic leather mold that fits well on to your kids' feet thanks to its ultra-thin microfiber design. Better ball handling is what they are made for.

You get a contoured sock liner with a low-profile support and cushioning to give your little one the ultimate comfort. With all they offer, it’s undoubtedly that these are some of the best indoor soccer shoes for kids out there.


With the popularity of indoor soccer rising tremendously, shoe manufacturers have realized the need to make some of the best indoor soccer shoes. If you love this sport, go ahead and pick a pair that matches your needs and be on the top of your game. And yes, there are pairs that allow you to transition from the pitch to class or party!

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