Best Dress Shoes For Flat Feet 2017 – Top 10 Choices for Men & Women

When you look for the best dress shoes you are always style-conscious, but finding the right model with flat feet support may not be that easy. Since there are so many models to choose from you might feel intimidated by the description, fit or lack of support which comes with the shoes.

But the best men’s dress shoes for flat feet follow some simple rules which start with arch support and end with style. The best women’s dress shoes for flat feet combine the same characteristics with a special emphasis on style. But since style is always changing you are really left with good support as the most important characteristic of dress shoes. The top 10 choices offer a combination of both support and style:

Top 3 Choices for Women

Alegria Paloma

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Dansko Lois

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Drew Shoe Bloom II

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Top 3 Choices for Men

ECCO Windsor

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Clarks Escalade

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Dansko Jackson

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Best Women’s Dress Shoes for Flat Feet Reviews

1. Alegria Women's Paloma Flat

The Alegria Women's Paloma flat feet dress shoes are inspired from the classic choices which made history in the fashion world. But with proper arch support which varies from cork, foam or polyurethane you can expect good cushioning for your low arch. You can also choose a model with a leather insole which will enhance the natural feel of the shoes. Topped with hand-sewn design, the shoes are among the best dress shoes for wide flat feet.

Alegria Women's Paloma Flat


  • Various cushioning options which include cork and foam
  • Leather upper
  • Hand-sewn design
  • Leather insole for natural comfort


  • Might be wide for some feet

2. Oasis Women's Mary Jane Shoes

The Oasis Women's Mary Jane Shoes are really focused on support. They come with EVA comfort which is combined with the propylene midsole and a fiberglass shank. The traction and stability of the shoes makes them perfect for various surfaces. With added antimicrobial properties, the shoes are among some of the most advanced options on the market. They even come with ceramic inserts which keep moisture away. Since they come with support and stability, they are among the best dress shoes for flat feet pronation.


  • Eva technology
  • Polypropilene midsole
  • Antimicrobial and anti-moisture properties
  • Improved stability


  • Can be tight in the forefoot area

3. Dansko Women's Lois Flat

The Dansko Women's Lois Flat come with APMA certified wedge and a removable open-cell polyurethane footbed. The shoes are also popular due to the good stability and traction on different surfaces due to the sculpted outsole. The shoes come with stain-resistant treated nubuck leather upper. The women’s dress flats with arch support come with a lot of character and can be an easy choice for night outfits.


  • APMA certified
  • Removable footbed
  • Sculpted outsole
  • Durable nubuck upper


  • Ankle straps can be tight

4. Rockport Cobb Hill Women's Adele

The Rockport Cobb Hill Women's Adele comes with an ethylene vinyl acetate insole. The low-heel design is among the most popular dress shoes for flat feet women look for. With extended sizes and widths, the flat feet dress shoes are recommended for different types of feet. This finds them in a select group of the best women’s dress shoes for flat feet and wider feet.


  • Ethylene vinyl acetate insole
  • Low-heel design
  • Extended sizes and widths


  • Sizing issues for some feet

5. Drew Shoe Women's Bloom II

The Drew Shoe Women's Bloom II comes with nubuck leather upper construction. With the possibility to accommodate orthotics, the dress shoes for fallen arches. With synthetic and rubber sole options, the shoes offer some alternatives to flat feet problems. But the best feature might come with the Dri-Lex system which also acts against moisture which might be a problem with flat feet.


  • Nubuck leather upper
  • Accommodates orthotics
  • Synthetic or rubber sole
  • Dri-Lex against moisture


  • Not enough flexibility

6. Aetrex Women's Helen Stretch Mary Jane

The Aetrex Women's Helen Stretch Mary Jane comes with a comfortable fit. This is enhanced through the stretchy upper. To ensure the best fit they user the hook-and-loop system. But most importantly, the shoes feature arch and metatarsal support. This support system works well with the roomy toe box. If you want shoes with orthotics support, the manufacturer included a removable option to make good dress shoes for flat feet.


  • Stretchy upper construction
  • Hook-and-loop design
  • Metatarsal and arch support
  • Roomy toe box


  • Too wide form some women

Best Men’s Dress Shoes for Flat Feet Reviews

7. ECCO Men's Windsor Tie Oxford

The ECCO Men's Windsor Tie Oxford is among the best dress shoes for flat feet men can wear. The shoes come with a shock point in the heel which is combined with the rubber outsole. The insole of the shoe is manufactured to absorb moisture and eliminate odors. With breathable leather upper, the shoes are not only comfortable and supportive but they also represent a stylish option for men with flat feet. The Oxford shoes are recommended for situations where you need to look stylish but walk or stand for longer periods of time.


  • Shock point in the heel
  • Leather upper
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Eliminates odors


  • Narrow heel for some men

8. Bostonian Men's Wenham Dress Lace Up

The Bostonian Men's Wenham Dress Lace Up comes with a cushioned footbed. The shoes are among the best men’s dress shoes for flat feet because they offer support and style. They are also comfortable as they come with the Flextile technology. With a heel of 1” the shoes can be an option for many occasions but even for daily use which makes them on of the most versatile flat feet shoes for men.


  • Cushioned footbed
  • Flextile technology
  • 1” heel
  • Stylish design


  • Not the best option for slippery surfaces

9. Clarks Men's Escalade Step Slip-on Loafer

The Clarks Men's Escalade Step Slip-on Loafer comes with full grain leather upper construction. The advantage of this thick leather is that it is easy to maintain with multiple cleaning solutions. The insole is synthetic and is paired with a non-marking outsole. Since they come with a forgiving design they might be a good option if you are looking for the best dress shoes for wide flat feet.


  • Full grain leather upper
  • Easy to clean
  • Synthetic insole
  • Non-marking outsole


  • Noisy on hard surfaces

10. Dansko Men's Jackson Slip-On Loafer

The Dansko Men's Jackson Slip-On Loafer comes with fantastic arch support. The support is ensured by the triple-density EVA foam and the TPU arch. Even more, the shoes come with a heel stabilizer which makes them a good choice for the days you have to stand for hours. The flat feet dress shoes are slip-resistant which means you can safely walk on any type of surface. With leather upper, the shoes are also easy to clean should you use them every day.


  • Triple-density EVA with TPU arch
  • Heel stabilizer
  • Slip-resistant
  • Leather upper


  • The heel can be loose for some men

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Dress Shoes for Flat Feet?

When looking for dress shoes for flat feet you really find yourself at the crossroads. You have to balance good arch support with a stylish design which is not always easy. The good news is that you can find a model to suit your needs if you have the patience to look for the following basic characteristics:

Support Options

Since there are various materials which are used in the manufacturing process to offer great arch support, you need to decide what works best for you. Most times, comfortable options include a combination of EVA with other synthetic materials. Make sure you read the product details to find what type of materials went into the shoes.


The outsole of dress shoes is increasingly important. Even the best dress shoes for flat feet need proper stability since you are likely to wear them on slippery surfaces at different events or even to your job. Make sure the shoes are also non-marking.

Leather Upper

Many dress shoes come with a leather upper. Of course, there are many good options with synthetic leather as well. But having natural leather construction means the shoes will be easy to clean, they will enhance breathability but they will also look better. Along with leather shoes, you should buy some basic products to polish the shoes.


The fit of dress shoes has become one of the major debate areas, especially for people with fallen arches. Since dress shoes are known not to be the most comfortable options, you may want to ensure you find the right balance between stylish alternative and comfort. This may be difficult to fully achieve, but you need to consider even some of the best looking dress shoes can be comfortable, so don’t entirely assume the good-looking shoes lack proper comfort.


When looking for the best dress shoes for flat feet you are in the amazing position of making a statement and finding support. Dress shoes make a statement on your style or personal image. But you have to balance this with proper arch support. Since major manufacturers already know this, you have plenty of options to choose from. It is up to you to decide which model represents you the best while offering the most comfortable support.

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