Best Ankle Brace Reviews 2017 – The Comprehensive Guide

Depending on what you need it for, getting hold of the best ankle brace for you can be a difficult task.

These devices or accessories can have multiple functions and all of them work different and support your ankle in many ways to deliver the best possible functionality for your ankle.

If you want to get hold of the best ankle brace, having some information about the best on the market can be helpful.

So, we’ve taken the time to make an article about ankle brace reviews and most used ankle braces for different activities and for different budgets, in order to make all our readers know which the best are and where to buy ankle braces for the best price and with the best features.

Before getting into details, we’ve made a chart about the best on the market right now, differentiating them by the best for sprained ankles and the best for sports for you to get an idea.

Why Should You Wear Ankle Braces?

Ankle Braces bring support to your ankle. They work as a support device for your ankle to avoid injuries and relief from pain. Depending on what you’re looking for, some of them can help you at reducing stress and compression and others are the other way around.

Some ankle braces help at recovering from injuries and surgeries, while others will be the perfect option if you want to involve in high-pressure activities like playing sports or running, climbing and such.

They are made in a way so you can make use of them for weeks and even months. They are washable and will be useful if you’re feeling any pain or swelling in your ankle. Also, some of them are specially made to work on people with certain diseases like arthritis and tendonitis; in that case, you would have to look for the best ankle brace for tendonitis.

Even so, they are mostly designed to prevent further injuries by giving enough support and comfortability when using them. As they are all different, you will have to choose for yourself the one that best fits with your necessities, always taking into account that they have different features and are designed for different objectives while being supportive and comfortable.

Sprained Ankles

In case you have a sprained ankle, you may be asking yourself what to do for a sprained ankles and how you should approach the injury. Well, ankle braces are the best answer for sprained ankles, choosing the best ankle brace will make the recovering fast and will get you walk normally in just a few weeks.

However, if you want to know how to heal a sprained ankle fast, you’ll have to know how to use R.I.C.E, an approach to healing sprained ankles faster than with any other way you will find. R.I.C.E means Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

This means, giving enough resting to your ankle and avoiding standing on it after being completely cured. Then applying ice treatment in your ankle to relief pain and eliminating bruises or any other kind of suffering, giving enough pressure and compression to the ankle to avoid brusque movements and further swelling and finally, elevating the ankle to a heart level to make it heal faster than normal.

Important Factors To Consider When Selecting The Best Ankle Brace

Best Ankle Brace reviews
  • While choosing the ankle brace that best fits with all your necessities, you’ll have to know what makes them good and why you should choose it. The materials, straps, support, comfortability and other features are imperative at the moment of choosing the right ankle brace.
  • There are also different styles and functionalities; some work perfect for sprained ankles and others will better be used in sport and other activities. However, it is always important to look for the one that takes the best care of the ankle by being supportive and comfortable at the same time, always bearing in mind its compression on the ankle and if it gives enough mobility.
  • Many ankle braces come with laces and others don’t, but it always necessary to first know what you’re looking for. In case you look for one to work as an injury healer after surgery or a hard injury, the best ankle braces for sprained ankles will the best fit for you. In spite of the fact, if you are looking for an ankle brace to help you avoid injuries while playing different sports, the best ankle braces for sports will be the ones you’re looking for.

Top 5 Best Ankle Braces for Sprained Ankles

Whatever ankle brace you’re looking for, here you’ll have lots of items for you to pick the one that best fits with your necessities. The best ankle braces for sprained ankles with giving you the best comfort and support to help you with any of your injuries. However, some of them are also really great to be used in other activities, so we offer you more information about all of them below.

This SP Walker ankle brace is one of the best ankle braces for sprained ankle. It helps the user to have a better and improved mobility thanks to the natural ambulation this wonderful device gives. It is not a too big of a device, making it comfortable and at the same time, able to function with all kind of dressing without sacrificing mobility or looks.

best ankle braces for sprained ankle


  • Works with anyone.
  • Comfortable and provides good mobility.
  • Designed for fractures, sprains, and forefoot and mid-foot injuries.
  • Can be worn on both left and right legs.

The Air Cast SP Walking Boot is a great ankle device that works perfectly for any person and at the same time gives support for various injuries. However, after trying for some time we’ve come to know what its pros and cons are:

Things we liked

  • Air-pumps on each side make it adaptable for any user.
  • Extremely comfortable to walk.
  • It gives natural mobility thanks to its Lower rocker sole.
  • Four models and 5 sizes to choose from with different functionalities.

Things we didn't like

  • Makes a little sound when walking.
  • May feel a little heavy.

Final Opinion:

This perfect Ankle brace is the best for walking! This wonderful device gives the complete mobility and comfortability to be used as a walking boot. You can do whatever you want with it. However, it can feel a little heavy. Even so, it comes in 4 different models, all of them giving various areas of support and in 5 different sizes from small to pediatric. It provides perfect mobility and is one of the best ankle braces for sprained ankles.

If you’ve just had an injury in one of your feet and need something to help you walk, this ankle brace will be the best option for you. Even when it can feel a little heavy, it is perfectly designed to work with any person while supporting several injuries thanks to its perfect natural mobility.

The TriLok Ankle Support Brace is designed to give an excellent comfort and at the time being easy to use. It can be utilized as a sock and thanks to its Velcro strap; you will have more stabilization and support than any other brace. It is made with Ultima 2 Fabric which gives support and comfortability while also being easy to wash and clean.

best ankle support for running

Things we liked

  • Comes in 4 different sizes and work for people with five up to 16 of normal shoe size.
  • Gives stability and perfect support for the ankle
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used as a sock

Things we didn't like

  • Can feel a little rough on the skin

Final Opinion:

This device gives one of the best ankle support for running you can find. Thanks to the two Velcro straps located on the mid and hind area of the foot, its gives a solid support and at the same time no obstruction to walk comfortably and natural.

The TriLok Ankle Support Brace doesn’t only provide complete comfortability, but it gives one of the most helpful support for post-surgery recoveries. It fits well in shoes and doesn’t feel like a real ankle brace, giving the perfect comfortability everyone wants.

The Shock Doctor 851 Ankle Brace is one of the best lace up ankle brace which gives extra stability for every movement. It gives one of the best support for shared and oblique injuries while being comfortable and adjustable for any person. It comes in black and white designs, and it is latex free to make it more durable and comfortable in extended periods of time.

best lace up ankle brace

Things we liked

  • Has an 851 multi-directional adjustable strap to make it easier to use.
  • Perfect for strains and sprains recoveries as it gives fantastic stability.
  • The best medium and lateral support in ankle braces.

Things we didn't like

  • Doesn’t give much comfortability for extra-large feet.
  • Materials are not the best.

Final Opinion:

Even though this ankle brace works perfectly with any feet, there are some problems with extra-large feet, as it can get too tight and the user can have a hard time removing it from the feet. However, it still gives the best stability and support for long periods of using, without causing any discomfort and being one of the best ankle braces for sports.

The Shock Doctor 851 Ankle Brace is one of the best ankle braces in the market; it gives the perfect comfort and stability for various uses. If you’re looking for an ankle brace which provides one of the most versatile and comfortable uses while being perfect to use at practicing any sport, this is the ankle brace for you.

This is one of the best ankle braces for sport, if not the best. As, it comes with a perfect comfortability and sizing which help the user to have more usability and mobility while using it, without making any discomfort. It is designed to work on high ankle injuries as a support with shoes and boots giving the best comfortability you can ask for with an ankle brace this right. It is made of plastic with some fiber and doesn’t weigh too much.

best ankle supports for basketball

Things we liked

  • Fits perfectly with sports shoes – especially basketball.
  • You can run for hours and won’t feel any discomfort
  • Protects and supports ankle injuries perfectly
  • You won’t remember you had an ankle brace while using it

Things we didn't like

  • Machine washing is not recommended
  • Works at any sports but is not recommended for ample dynamic sports like soccer

Final Opinion:

The Zamst A2-DX is one of the best ankle supports for basketball; it is the one that Stephen Curry uses when playing. It is so great that you will not remember that you were using it the whole time, as it is very comfortable and at the same time gives the perfect support for your ankle in case you have an injury.

However, if you’re a sports fan who likes to play different sports or just run; The Zamst A2-DX will be the perfect fit for you. Even so, some sports like soccer won’t have a complete compatibility with this ankle brace, as they need a little more dynamism on the feet but it will still give an incredible performance and help anyone in search of an ankle brace support to play sports or just running.

The XT Brace Hot & Cold Compression Ankle Brace is comfortable and will fit on any person, but it is specially designed to work on high-pressure activities while giving the best support and compression available. This item was created and developed by U.S Intelligence Officers to help them in multiple missions where ankle injuries were common to avoid them and provide support.

top rated ankle braces

Things we liked

  • Comfortable and fits perfectly
  • Provides the best support for injuries in high movement activities like sports
  • Includes a gel pack for temperature treatment

Things we didn't like

  • Helps to avoid injuries but won’t be a good option if you had a surgery

Final Opinion:

Even though this device was specially made to become a recovery item with icing and heating treatments, you can also use it to play sports and many other activities without feeling any discomfort. It gives the best ankle support and at the same time helps you to recover and manage from minor injuries or pain after an activity.

If you’re the kind of person who just wants an ankle brace who will help you at recovering from minor injuries and at the same time work as a support while playing high-pressure sports, this will be the right option for you. The XT Brace Hot & Cold Brace works both as an ankle brace for activities and a recovery item to help you feel better after having an injury on your foot.

Top 5 Best Ankle Braces for Sports

The best ankle braces for sport are many. However, we’ve come to make a list of ankle brace reviews so you can have a more detailed and better information about the best available on the market. With the help of this guideline, you will become able enough to choose the one that best fits with your necessities and desires, without getting into details, here you have the best ankle braces for sports:

The Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace offers one of the best compression and protection for activities which deliver high pressure on your ankles, making a great item if you are a fitness person who likes to work out regularly and also has an ankle injury to take care. Also, this ankle also helps people by relieving pain on your ankle from arthritis, plantar fasciitis, sprained ankles, swelling and much more.

best ankle support for running

Things we liked

  • Great support for your ankle in high-pressure activities
  • Won’t present any discomfort or vulnerability for your ankle
  • Perfect for demanding situations and extended activities like running

Things we didn't like

  • People with smaller feet may have problems with it

Final Opinion:

Even though this ankle brace is made and designed to work as a support for lots of activities like playing soccer, football, basketball and many others, this ankle brace can be used as a pain reliever thanks to its compression feature, making it a great option for people with previous injuries.

The Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace is one of the best ankle brace for sports you can find. It fits with actually any kind of shoe as it is slim, light and comfortable, making it easier to use and excellent for your ankle. If you want to have a high ankle brace that will be a great help for running and many other activities, this is the one you’re looking for.

The ASO Ankle Stabilizer is made from ballistic nylon that lasts for a long time and can resist wear and tearing, specially designed to deliver great support during high-intensity activities for your ankle. It is lace up style brace and can be used in both feet and legs, still providing the best comfortability and support.

best basketball ankle brace

Things we liked

  • Lightweight and lasting materials
  • You have more than eight sizes
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Firm support without sacrificing comfortability

Things we didn't like

  • Sacrifices mobility for compression

Final Opinion:

This device is one of the best ankle braces for sport because it gives total support to your ankle while being somewhat supportive to avoid any injury and pain. As it is specially designed to be used while playing sports, you can use it for all sorts of activities; however, it can feel a little tight sometimes and even cause numbness if it isn’t used right. Nonetheless, thanks to its flexible capabilities, you can adapt it to any feet and legs.

If you are a sportsman, this ankle brace will make the perfect companion for you and your ankle, being comfortable enough to be used in many sports and at the same time giving all the support you need from an ankle brace.

The CopperJoint Compression Ankle Sleeve is one of the best cheap ankle braces for basketball, making it a budget-friendly and at the same time gives the best performance possible from an ankle brace. It gives one of the best support among ankle braces thanks to its wonderful design and manufacturing materials like the copper infused nylon which offers a better treatment for injuries while being breathable and sweat resistant.

best cheap ankle braces for basketball

Things we liked

  • Thanks to its material it gives instant injury relief
  • Helps in improving pain, fatigue and blood flow
  • It doesn't smell thanks to the copper infused nylon
  • Comfortable and can be used in any sport

Things we didn't like

  • Heavier people may not take advantage of this device
  • Offered in 5 sizes and only black color

Final Opinion:

Among ankle braces, this one works perfectly as one of the best ankle braces for any activity. However, being wonderful to use at playing sports, it is specially made and designed to offer a significant injury support for your ankle in case any pain or bad feeling is encountered thanks to its copper infused nylon material.

Being the best ankle brace to use at basketball and many other sports, you will feel as this device helps you significantly and making it easier to heal your injuries while playing without losing any comfortability or support. If you like to play lots of sports, especially basketball, we assure you that this device will be the best option for you.

The Aircast A60 Ankle Brace would be an excellent choice for anyone who likes to play sports that deliver a tremendous amount of stress and strain on joints like the ankles. It is lightweight and very soft to wear, making it comfortable and perfect for any activity. Comes with stabilizer guards that work as 60-degree straps to offer the best support for ankles against rolling outs and dangerous movements.

best ankle brace for soccer

Things we liked

  • Easy to use and perfect for sports
  • Can be machine washed
  • Doesn’t have many straps or knots so it can be put on quickly

Things we didn't like

  • Materials are not the best quality
  • Can be uncomfortable for big feet

Final Opinion:

This wonderful device for your ankles has everything a sports enthusiast is looking for, great comfortability, support, and ease of use. This makes it a perfect fit for anyone in search of a good ankle brace that won’t cost too much and at the same time will give a top-notch performance in every activity.

If you’ve ever had any problem with your ankles or you are feeling a little pain or any discomfort in your ankle, this device will help you at reducing it while playing sports and in many other activities thanks to its amazing comfortability and support for your ankle.

The McDavid 199 Ankle Brace is maybe the best ankle brace for multiple activities that helps the user to avoid injuries of any kind. A lace-up design made of poly fabric with steel spring to bring the best support on ankle braces. This is the best athletic ankle brace you can find; thanks to its comfortable and lightweight design and at the same time bringing enough support to the ankle to protect it from strains and twists.

best athletic ankle brace

Things we liked

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Can be used on high-pressure activities like basketball and climbing
  • Gives full mobility and anatomical support

Things we didn't like

  • Can be a little tight and firm at first use
  • The materials are not top-notch

Final Opinion:

The McDavid 199 is maybe the most comfortable support for ankles you will find. It gives complete comfortability and fits with almost any kind of shoe, making it useful at every sport imaginable. Works perfect at high-pressure activities while protecting your ankle in the most supporting way against twists and strains.

So, if you like high-pressure activities and want to avoid further injuries, this device will help you at maintaining your ankle away from pain and any bad feeling. You won’t have to worry about your ankle mobility and comfortability if you choose this item as the one to help you at supporting and covering the most vulnerable part of your body in sports.


Although all ankle braces have its sets of functions and features, choosing the one perfect for you won’t be a hard ordeal. That’s why having a list with all necessary information about ankle braces and the best on the market will be a great help for you in case you have an ankle injury or want to avoid a further problem with it in the future.

Having the top 5 ankle braces for sprained ankles and top 5 ankle braces for sports will make it easier for you to choose between the most comfortable and better quality ankle braces you can find.

Always remember to decide to depend on your necessities taking into account all important details previously mentioned. Also, don’t forget to do it depending on the kind of support and help you want for your ankle, as this could make a significant difference.

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